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iEdge Digital Business Cards for Realtors

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iEdge Digital Business Cards Can Benefit Realtors

How can iEdge Digital Business Cards Can Benefit Realtors:

As a realtor, staying ahead and having a first mover advantage in a competitive market is important. One way to get a cutting edge in the market is leveraging iEdge: For Realtors, a solution altered and designed for realtors to network effortlessly and build long lasting connections. In this blog we will discuss the potential of the solution and how it can help your clients in the real estate, renting, and leasing industry.

6 ways to use iEdge in the real estate, renting, and leasing industry:

Access to contact information instantly Access to contact information instantly
1. Access to contact information instantly

When we use traditional business cards, there is always a risk to that your clients would misplace or lose them. With iEdge digital business card there is a solution to this challenge because the information would always be in your smartphone and clients can save your information directly from your card which ensures that they have your information whenever they require it.

Curiosity and Professionalism Curiosity and Professionalism
2. Curiosity and Professionalism

This solution is an option which creates curiosity among your clients while sharing. Networking is all about breaking ice and start a conversation. This solution helps exactly in that by building conversations and showcasing your expertise in a visually appealing way. With iEdge, all our users get options to customize their digital cards based on their company theme which aligns with their mission and values in terms of multimedia elements, company websites, links to social media profiles, videos, and PDF download options.

Effortless Sharing and Networking Effortless Sharing and Networking
3. Effortless Sharing and Networking

In the world of digital transformation these cards act as a benchmark to for easy sharing through any option you can think of such as email, text messages, social media platforms, and beyond. It’s not just used for sharing contact information but showcase your products or services as well. A used case for this card can be uploading the link to the houses or apartments for sale with pictures so that when a client looks at your digital card they see the options of properties presented in the market and after viewing that they directly contact you with specific questions rather that contacting you without seeing the property and you start explaining the property on the phone without visuals? Who wants that type of tour in this modern world!

Data Driven Insights With Analytics Data Driven Insights With Analytics
4. Data Driven Insights With Analytics

Unlike traditional business cards, iEdge provides you with analytics support which can help in tracking interaction in terms of number of unique views, clicks on links, shares, and beyond. This will help you understand the marketing efforts and alter your strategy depending on your clients with data driven insights.

Enterprise Grade Security Enterprise Grade Security
5. Enterprise Grade Security

With iEdge, your data and personal information is always protected with utmost security and confidentiality on our privacy measures, and encrypted protocols. This keeps our users rest assured about the information they give us to make their digital business cards.

Eco-Friendly and Cost Effective Eco-Friendly and Cost Effective
6. Eco-Friendly and Cost Effective

By taking part in the digital transformation and using our digital business cards, your industry will promote a sustainable environment and increase their ESG rating. We have a mission to reduce paper usage and convert as many traditional business cards as possible into digital cards. This will also eliminate the need for reprinting your cards and save time and money as you can share this card with infinite clients as long as you have infinite people.

So there you have it folks, by adapting to iEdge, you transform your network to your net worth! From instant contact sharing and enhanced professionalism to easy sharing and networking capabilities, realtors can leverage this tool to pull the market their way. So, if you're a realtor looking to take your business to new heights, consider exploring the digital business card solutions offered by booking a brief demo below!!

Together let’s streamline your networking efforts and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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