Scale up your business with

Virtual Showrooms

Transform products presentation. Make your brand immersive and impactful.

Empower your employees with

Digital Business Cards

Showcase your brand in a whole different way. Unlock Connections, elevate networks.

Step into the realm of

Visual Commerce

Redefine your customers’ experience with captivating imagery & videos

Transform Business Ideation into

3D Development

Engage with your customers to leave them delighted.

Coupling is usually used for locomotives, rail wagons and not in digital world. That is because unlike wagons of a train, coupling physical experience with digital requires expertise of laying a strong conceptual foundation.

At iPhygital (pronounced i-figital), we blend virtual components into physical experiences with objective of increasing customer engagement with the brand leading to shorter sales cycle. From another perspective, call if you may, its smart de-risking of your business. It is becoming difficult to gauge your prospect customer's preference between physical and virtual engagement. iPhygital preserves your existing investments and augments them to create an altogether new experience that is bother immersive and more cost-effective.

On flip side, operationally, by testing and optimizing in a virtual environment, your brand teams can avoid costly mistakes and ensure that the final physical product meets user needs and expectations. This can be especially helpful in large organizations where multiple teams and departments are involved in the decision-making process.

It’s our belief that the future of business lies in the interplay of physical and digital experiences. We are a leading provider of cutting-edge phygital solutions & services that enables businesses to seamlessly blend the best of both worlds. With innovative solutions, we empower brands to create immersive and engaging experiences that captivate customers and drive business growth.


Choosing us? Here are the benefits

Delivering Excellence

Delivering Excellence

We like to radiate greatness in our work. We deliver work that attracts and inspires.

Science and Emotions

Science and Emotions

Technology believes in science and human beings believe in emotions. We create empathetic solutions that understand human beings.

Collaborative Approach

Collaborative Approach

Once you’re a part of the project, you are in completely. We as a team ensure to include you in every communication and discussion stage of the project.

You trust us with your business idea, and we assure you to take it to heights.

We eagerly look forward to connecting with you and discovering which of our Phygital services captures your interest. Would you like a brief overview of any particular service? Keep reading to learn more:

iAugment : Forge Trust for your Customers with a Virtual Showroom

Leave behind the constraints of traditional physical spaces and embrace the limitless possibilities of the virtual world.

Virtual Showrooms- iAugment
Shape Images

Visual Commerce: Redefine your customers’ experience with captivating imagery and videos

Let Visual Commerce solutions enable businesses to bridge the gap between physical and online shopping. Harness the power of augmented reality (AR) and computer vision to create engaging and interactive experiences for your customers.

Visual Commerce
iEdge: Digital Business Cards

iEdge: Empower your employees with digital business cards

Stand out from the crowd and make meaningful connections in this digital age. Upgrade your traditional paper business card to a dynamic and interactive digital experience.

3D Development: Transform your Business Ideas into interactive designs

Unlock the power of three-dimensional experiences with our cutting-edge 3D Development services. Embrace the next dimension of creativity and showcase your vision like never before.

3D Development
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