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Venetian Expo, Halls A-D — 55344
Event Location Las Vegas, Nevada
Event Date January 09-12, 2024
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iAugment: Virtual Showrooms

Engage your audience in a virtual experience like never before at CES 24. Showcase your products and services in a dynamic, interactive environment with iAugment. Effortlessly expand your reach and attract your target audience by eliminating geographical barriers with an interactive product showcase, realistic and detailed visuals, insights through analytics, integration with existing technology, and beyond.

Our solution, iAugment, speaks for itself, making collaborations effortless and going beyond traditional product displays. In the world of personalization, enhanced product visualization is an important aspect that will lead to a better-informed decision, streamlining your company’s sales process. With iAugment, you boost your conversion rate without fuel as it minimizes the carbon footprint associated with traditional showrooms.

CES 24 is about making an impact in the technology industry and reducing the reliance on physical resources. So just imagine if the impact you make is sustainable and fulfills your organization's responsibility towards the environment.

Together, let’s make it happen and learn more about iAugment! Visit us at CES 24 Booth (Venetian Expo, Halls A-D — 55344), and we would be more than happy to give you a demonstration.

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iAugment: Virtual Showrooms

iAugment Virtual Showrooms

Visual Commerce

Visual Commerce

Visual Commerce

Let’s link the synergies of visual commerce and 3D development and unveil a distinctive product or service experience at CES 24.

Visual commerce is a way for our clients to express their products and services with appealing imagery and videos, such as 360-degree product views, a seamless experience across multiple platforms, dynamic product visualization, and beyond.

Displaying 3D Modals improve customer engagements with your products. With the support of our team, we are able to offer our clients cinematic perspectives, external software integration, dynamic & detailed animation, AR & VR integration, and beyond.

Learn more about visual commerce and 3D development by requesting a brochure and meet our team at CES 24.

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iEdge: Digital Business Cards

With technology touching the moon, why are your business cards still on paper? Step into the world of limitless connections and make your network your net worth at CES 24.

Our iEdge digital business cards give you a cutting edge in your industry with a tailored design and interactive interface because every industry has a different brand, product, or service. Having said that, networking is about showcasing yourself with the right information. Our solution, iEdge, will give your networking a boost at CES with an effective way of sharing information, making qualified leads for future collaborations and partnerships.

iEdge: Digital Business Cards

iEdge Digital Business Cards
Other features of iEdge include

So, what are we waiting for? Together let’s make an impact at CES this year with long-lasting connections for learning and collaboration. Get your digital business card now!

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There we have it, folks! Let’s explore these phygital solutions together and make a sustainable impact in this digital world. Don’t forget to get your free iEdge digital business cards for up to 4 months if you are attending CES 24. Feel free to reach out to us if you want to explore any of our other solutions, and we would be happy to discuss the possibility of collaboration and partnership.

We are looking forward to seeing you at CES 24!

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What are Phygital Solutions?

Phygital is made out of a combination of the words “physical” and “digital”. It complements each other with the effortless integration of both elements in one solution. Our company, iPhygital, highlights the convergence of tangible business practices with the digital world to make our users' experience fruitful and impactful.

What does CES stand for?

CES is one of the world’s largest consumer electronics shows, happening in Las Vegas, Nevada, this year from 9th January to 12th January 2024. According to their website, it’s an annual trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), showcasing multiple technologies and the latest innovations by individuals and companies. This event is a great way for attendees to learn, collaborate, and meet new partners, making an impact in the technology industry.